Transforming litigation funding with lawtech

VWM Capital is driven by technology and backed by a first-class team of experts.

Algorithmic logic
applied to case law

We combine lawtech and legal expertise to make smarter funding decisions and offer high-volume, low-risk investments. Replacing intuition with intelligence, our sophisticated algorithm is able to predict case outcomes with a high probability of success.

How it works

Why invest in
VWM Capital?


Smarter funding decisions

Your investment funds only cases with the highest probability of success. Our algorithm-based technology automates and improves preselection, before three independent litigation experts assess each case.


Low risk, high returns

Your risk is spread across a high number of lower-value cases. We require expert legal opinions on every case, so we can secure ATE insurance, making it a highly safe investment offering protection and double-digit returns.


Socially responsible investments

Meet ESG commitments by investing in an asset class that gives more people access to justice. Our lawtech-backed approach means we can provide fast-tracked funding for 100s of lower-figure cases every week.



Our Cayman Islands Limited Partnership structure gives you the benefit of a leading jurisdiction that offers tax neutrality, meaning no extra layer of tax on your investment, as well as stability and robust regulations. 

The litigation market has enormous potential for growth

Experts predict the litigation financing asset class will double over the next five years. But we believe that’s just the beginning. With regulatory reform on its way around the world, and in the post-pandemic landscape, growth could accelerate exponentially.

We’re harnessing lawtech to transform litigation funding – opening up access to more cases and offering lower risk investments.

For investors seeking an asset class insulated from the current market turmoil, VWM Capital provides low-risk, protected investments underpinned by algorithmic logic, independent legal experts, and decades of experience in finance, banking and litigation.

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